‘Wonder Years’ Star Danica McKellar Confesses What Life Was Really Like Behind The Scenes

by Jess Butler
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Danica McKellar starred as the one and only Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years from 1988 to 1993. The 30-year anniversary of the show will take place on January 31, 2018, so Danica couldn’t help but share some memories from the set to prepare for the special day!

In the video below, Danica speaks with an Entertainment Tonight reporter about both her past and her future. She says, “I remember going back and forth between the school room and work. So, we had to do three hours of work on set every day, and I remember taking 20 minutes of a math test, then you go and do an emotional crying scene — then you go back and finish the math test.”

The actress adds, “What’s funny about that is that became sort of symbolic of what my life would be.

I write math books still. It makes my life crazy busy sometimes, but I love it.”

This fond memory predicted just how busy she would be as an adult, as well as her career as a mathematician!

Danica also opens up about her more recent roles in Hallmark movies and even reveals some secrets about her son, Draco, and his interest in the industry.

Hear what she has to say about her 7-year-old following in her footsteps and learn about some other behind-the-scenes secrets in the video below!

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