I Started Giving My Dog Daily Vitamins And Now It’s His Favorite Part Of The Day

by Rachel Gariepy
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When I first heard about dog vitamins, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. My opinion is that vitamins and supplements shouldn’t be necessary if you are eating a wholesome diet and you are generally healthy.

My dog definitely eats a healthy diet. His main food is made with lamb and chickpeas, and he also gets plenty of human food tidbits that my husband and I surreptitiously sneak to him when the other isn’t looking. (But nobody is fooling anyone!)

But when I heard about Dandy, my interest was piqued! Dandy actually customizes a vitamin pack specifically for your pooch based on his needs and your areas of interest. The company use data and science to formulate little supplements in the form of treats that your dog will actually ask for.

My dog Zephyr literally goes over to the treat closet every day and gives me a little whine to let me know he is ready for his vitamins.

Dandy Questionairre

It’s super easy to sign up for Dandy, and you know you are getting a customized plan because before you order, you answer a set of simple questions about your dog. Then the team of scientists at Dandy crafts the right supplement. You’ll answer questions like, How old is your dog? How much does he weigh? What are his energy levels like?

Take the quiz for your dog here!

zephyr dandy ball
Rachel Gariepy

The questionnaire took about five minutes to fill out, and then the only thing left was to wait for Zephy’s customized vitamins to arrive at my doorstep, which happened within a few day’s time. When the box arrived, it came with some cute additional items like a bandana, a tennis ball, and a cute Dandy “dad hat,” which my husband happily wears!


The packaging is super cute, and there are individual packages of vitamins within the box that you can easily unwrap and feed to your little buddy each and every day of the month. Trust me when I say that your dog will love the flavors. Zephyr likes to catch them in his mouth when I toss them!

dandy treats

Zephyr knows he gets them every day now, and he’ll let me know when he’s ready for them. Usually, just after our afternoon walk, he’ll go right over to the cabinet where we keep them and alert me that it’s Dandy time!

Zeph silly couch
Rachel Gariepy

Since starting on his Dandy regimen, Zephyr’s energy levels have been great, and he is healthy and happy. He has had some skin-itching issues in the past, but I haven’t noticed any scratching since he started taking the vitamins.

If your dog loves treats, it makes sense to make sure the “treats” you give him actually have some health value, and with Dandy, you know that’s the case! Zephyr and I would give them “2 paws up”!

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