She’s 9 Months Pregnant, But That Doesn’t Stop Her From Dancing Up A Storm

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Pregnancy can be really hard on a woman’s body. By the ninth month, women are usually uncomfortable, tired, and ready to be moms.

Once you have an almost full-grown infant inside you, it can be hard to do anything without feeling some sort of pain or discomfort: you have to pee all the time, you can’t sleep well, and even just standing can be exhausting.

That’s why it’s always so impressive to see women who keep up a strict regimen of exercise during their pregnancies. Some women have the willpower to get to the gym and spend hours a week working out, all while growing another human being.

Some women take alternative routes to staying fit during pregnancy, like this woman who won’t let her enormous belly get in the way of her dancing.

Somehow, this gorgeous mama-to-be is able to work it and look great while carrying an almost full-term child in her womb. It’s crazy impressive.

When the video went up on Facebook, though, some people took offense, writing things like, “I was nervous watching this. Just waiting for the baby to fall out,” and, “Something tells me she was wearing those same clothes, dancing that same way, and about 1o shots of Hennessy deep and smelling like menthol cigarettes and drank about 4 beers the night she got pregnant.”

Other people defended the dancing mom-to-be, writing, “Pregnancy doesn’t mean disabled, get up, get out and stay active!” and “All these negative comments when she is just having fun. Her dancing isn’t going to harm the baby. Pregnancy shouldn’t hold a woman back from doing things she likes like dancing working out and etc… you just have to find a safe way to do it.”

Even though her dancing is keeping her healthy, some people don’t approve of her moves.

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