Pregnant Mom Is In Labor For 2 Weeks, So She Induces Herself In The Doctor’s Bathroom By Dancing

by Amy Paige
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For more than two weeks, Kassandra Hanks was 4 centimeters dilated. That’s right: 15 days passed by, and the frustrated mom-to-be was more than ready to pop.

On September 13, 2016, Kassandra paid a visit to the Sacred Heart Family Birth Place in Sandestin, Florida. By this point, she had had enough of her stubborn baby.

Right then and there, she turned on the perfect dance song, Justin Timberlake’s hit track “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” and got down in the bathroom stall.

We’ve seen the dancing technique many times, and we’ve also seen it work. Dressed in sweatpants and sports bra, Kassandra boogies down as hard as she can, twisting and hopping.

But before the song can even finish, the heavily pregnant woman grabs her belly and doubles over in discomfort. She then gives the camera a knowing look as a powerful contraction hits. Finally!

Less than 48 hours after she filmed herself dancing, Hanks gave birth to her daughter, Rylee Grace.

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