This Mom’s Answer To Powering Through Her Task List: Dance

by Morgan Greenwald
Morgan is a writer on the branded content team who loves breakfast food almost as much as she loves dogs.

Doing chores around the house is never fun, but it’s necessary to keep things neat and orderly. As much as we want to ignore the growing pile of laundry or ask someone else to go grocery shopping, we moms know that we only have ourselves to rely on to get things done, and get things done well.

With three kids and a husband to look after, Truth Bomb Mom Kristina Kuzmic has an ever-growing task list to get through every single day. But instead of looking at her task list with a heavy heart and a sigh, Kristina tackles her tasks with a smile, all thanks to the power of dance.

“Dancing just makes the mundane, stressful, and annoying parts of life so much more enjoyable,” says Kristine.

Whether she’s cleaning her house or taking her son to the doctor’s office, Kristina isn’t afraid to break out in dance and let loose. There’s truly no reason not to dance: Either way you’ll get through your task list, but this way, you’ll have way more fun doing it!

“There’s a pre-dance Kristina and a post-dance Kristina,” says Kristina, “and the post-dance Kristina is enjoying life a lot more.”

Check out Kristina’s dance moves in the video below, and make sure to SHARE this video with fellow moms who need to learn how to let loose!

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