Pub Manager Won’t Stop Dancing To Justin Timberlake’s ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’

by Paul Morris
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No matter what you do for a living, it’s important to enjoy the little things that make life truly incredible.

Even if your job is tough or the pay isn’t as much as you’d like, keep a positive outlook on everything around you. After watching Nathan Swift, pub manager of The James Figg, show off what he loves to do while “working,” you’ll definitely see why he’s going mega viral and bringing smiles to thousands of people all over the world!

A similar video became super popular on the internet featuring a bold and beautiful man in a red speedo dancing to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling.” And after being asked by countless people at the pub if it was him in that video, Nathan decided to put those rumors to rest and film his own version of the viral dance!

Looking out of the window from the pub, it may appear that he’s in his birthday suit, but when he jumps clear of the bushes, we couldn’t stop smiling!

Since posting his dance video on Facebook, it’s beginning to go super viral and it’s clear why. Here’s a guy that a lot of people would cast judgement on and call mean names, but it’s clear that not only is he comfortable in his own skin, but he’s a way better dancer than just about anyone else out there! He’s proud of himself and clearly enjoys all of the little things that matter in life, like having a bit of fun no matter what. And no one can judge a person for that!

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