Brother Surprises Sister By Singing “Hallelujah” Right Before She Says “I Do”

by Caroline Bayard
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When it comes to family, sometimes the very best gifts are from the heart.

This woman had no idea what to give her sister on her wedding day, so she enlisted the help of all of their friends and family to give her something that she can always use…and will never forget!

When it came time for Damian Maliszewski to come up with a gift for his big sister on her wedding day, it’s safe to say he was equally stumped. He didn’t know what he could give his sister Beata that would show her and her new husband how much he cared, so he decided to give them a surprise to make their wedding day unforgettable.

For weeks Damian, a self-taught musician from Poland, practiced to make his surprise perfect and when the day came, it was very obvious his sister was moved beyond belief.

Damian sang Beata’s favorite song, “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen, in their native language. In an email to LittleThings, Damian said that only he knew of the surprise before his sister and new brother-in-law said their vows. Before this experience, he was passionate about singing, but this was the exact moment he became inspired to try and fulfill his dream.

Damian’s performance is so beautiful, you completely forget that he’s not singing in English. Thousands have been touched by this incredible sibling bond and I think you will be, too!

If this heartwarming moment put some love in your heart, please don’t keep it all to yourself…

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