Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Wife Amy Shares His Adorable Reaction To The News That She’s Pregnant Again

by Stephanie Kaloi

Former NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his wife, Amy, are sharing happy news: The two are expecting their second baby!

Amy had the pair’s daughter, Isla Rose, help share the news with the pair’s followers online.

In the video posted to Instagram, Isla excitedly says, “I’m going to be a sister!” Cue the awwwwws!

Amy also shared another equally adorable video from the moment she told Dale that she was pregnant. In it, she asks, “Did you see her shirt?” and Dale walks over to look closer at the shirt Isla’s wearing, which says “Super amazing sister.” He reads it out loud and then loudly exclaims, “What?!” Then he asks, “How do you know it’s a girl?” before Amy laughs, “She’s a sister either way!” and he laughs along with them and says, “Oh, she’s a girl!”

It’s a pretty cute moment for the clearly surprised and slightly confused dad. The video was posted a week ago, and since then Dale has spoken more about the pregnancy on his podcast.

In a recent episode of his podcast, The Dale Jr. Download, Dale opens up about Amy’s pregnancy and how it feels to be celebrating these days. He says that he hasn’t really been able to focus on the fact that they’re going to have a second child, which is more than understandable. The news is definitely pretty overwhelming.

He says, “With all that going on, it’s almost been impossible to really even think about the fact that Amy’s — I’m sure Amy’s not having a problem thinking about it — but for me and everybody else around here, honestly, like we haven’t been able to think about expecting and having another child.”

“So it’s been weird. Almost have to remind myself that we’re months away from being able to be parents again because there’s so much going on that you forget everything that’s going on.” He also said that they haven’t been able to go to as many doctor visits as they would like to, particularly with this second pregnancy.

“Due to the restrictions on all nonessential visits, we can’t really go and do the checkups like we typically would. It’s making us a little bit nervous. But other than that, I just tell Amy, ‘Well, it’s kind of like the old days. This is just going to be a different process, and we can just hope that everything’s going the way it needs to be going.’”

He also said that they won’t be able to find out what the biological sex of the baby is, so it really is like the “old days” for the two.

It turns out that the pregnancy wasn’t exactly planned, either. He said, “This was a surprise. It wasn’t something we had meant to happen just yet, but we were not very far away from starting that process. It was very close. So it was really neat because I just didn’t know we would get pregnant unless we really put in the work. And so that was interesting, I was just surprised because of how it went the first time.”

Back in 2017, Dale shared that finding out Amy was pregnant with Isla was “the greatest day of my life.” He said that Amy planned out how she would tell him. She told him that there was a package from Amazon that he needed to check out, and she mentioned that she had already opened it. So Dale headed over to look at what had arrived.

“So I reach into this little pouch, and I pull out a onesie. And I’m like, I know right away what that means and weird words are coming out of my mouth. I don’t even know what I said. I made zero sense. And she’s like, ‘Well there’s more in the bag.’ So I reach in there and pull out the pregnancy test.”

He said he then had a pretty funny reaction. “So we’re crying — she’s crying, I’m crying — and I’m like, ‘I’m gonna put the onesie and the pregnancy in a ziplock bag and in a safe downstairs. And she’s like, ‘Why?’ And I’m like, ‘Well, this is the first tangible thing for this baby, and I want to show it one day this is the test.’ And she’s like, ‘Oh the batteries will be dead. It’ll be useless. What do they care?’ And I’m like, ‘It’ll care.'”

Amy and Dale met back in 2008 when she was part of the team that was renovating his house. They got married in 2016, and Dale retired from racing in 2017, much to the surprise of many of his fans. Since then, he has started his podcast and also continues to give interviews about his family and what life is like now that he’s retired.

Dale is a full-time dad to Isla, which he says he loves. He has also really enjoyed being around for her milestones. He told Good Morning America, “When she started crawling we were so excited that she started moving around and now she’s just running everywhere. It’s just amazing to watch them every day process new things.”