Daughter’s Christmas Wish Comes True When 400,000 Strangers Follow Dad’s Hotel Carpet Instagram

by Kate Taylor
Kate is a writer who laughs at her own jokes and likes to pour too much hot sauce on her food.

Have you ever been at a hotel and noticed that the carpets are a little funkier than the ones you might see in an average home?

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but one person who certainly has is Bill Young, who takes pictures of hotel carpets and posts them to an Instagram specifically dedicated to the cause.

Bill’s hobby is certainly unique, and until very recently, he didn’t have much of a following.

That all changed when Bill’s daughter, Jill, shared a Tweet asking people to help make her dad’s Instagram account go viral.

The Youngs hoped that the publicity would earn Bill and his carpet art a few extra followers.

Jill’s plan worked — though that’s a huge understatement.

Bill’s Instagram gained thousands of new followers overnight. Needless to say, Christmas came early this year for the Youngs thanks to a bunch of strangers on the internet.

Jill is a student at the University of Texas who is a self-proclaimed “biggest fan of @myhotelcarpet.”

On November 25, 2017, Jill tweeted that all she wanted for Christmas was “Dad’s hotel carpet instagram to go viral.”

As you can see, the page had a mere 125 followers when Jill first asked for help.

Bill explains the reason for his hobby: “I travel for a living. Stay in a lot of hotels. See a lot of carpet.”

Bill began his niche hobby of photographing hotel carpets all the way back in 2015.

While the whole idea sounds a little strange at first, you can see that he may actually be onto something.

Hotel carpets are unique in their own way, and you may have never noticed if it weren’t for Bill!

Amazingly, hotel carpets make up an entire industry in themselves.

A quick Google search reveals that tons of companies carry carpet specifically for the hospitality industry.

After the tweet was shared, Bill woke up with over 28,0000 followers. That’s a lot more than the 125 he had before.

Bill was so excited to become “internet famous.”

Who can blame him? Jill’s master plan was a success!

In fact, Bill has gained 7,000 followers in the time it took me to write this article. Now that’s impressive!

Jill’s Christmas wish came true!

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