Man’s Drone Captures Shark Lurking Near His Family On A Florida Beach

by Angela Andaloro

A Florida man hoping to get a cool shot of his family got the shock of his life instead. Dan Watson was flying his Mavic 2 Pro drone at New Smyrna Beach in Florida.

His three children and their friends were venturing into the water. Dan thought he’d capture a cool picture of the kids but instead discovered that a 5-foot shark was swimming dangerously close by in the shallow water.

Once Dan realized what was happening, he called for his wife, Sally, and the children to get out of the water. Sally was confused as to why since it was a clear and beautiful day. When she saw the photo, she was shocked. They rushed to get the kids out of the water, while the drone controller continued to snap pictures.

Subsequent images show the kids getting out of the water and the shark starting to swim away. If Dan hadn’t taken those drone pictures, he never would have known that a shark was there.

It wasn’t the first shark-related incident on that Florida beach. An 18-year-old surfer was bitten by a shark on his foot while out in those waters just days before. The bite wasn’t severe, and the surfer was ultimately fine, but the encounter was scary. Twenty people were evacuated from the water as a result. Flags were posted to warn visitors of dangerous weather and marine life conditions.

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