Dad Tries To Dress Twins At The Same Time, But One Son Keeps Bolting To The Edge Of The Bed

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Trying to take care of one baby and avoid daily crying and fussing can be a challenge — let alone dealing with twin infants feeding off each other’s energy, just like these two babies enjoying a nice conversation with one another.

And many parents try their very best to get through the day without royally screwing up — from getting the right foods in their kids’ system to making sure they go to bed on time.

But hey, nobody is perfect. It’s impossible for every single task to go smoothly, and sometimes, it’s completely out of their control.

Take this dad, Greg Waldock, for example: He is trying to multitask by changing his two 10-month-old twin sons at the same time.

Dad starts off fairly strong, placing his sons’ clothes on the bed first and then gently putting his babies on top of them. And he really doesn’t waste any time at all with starting to dress the one who seems most fussy, picking him up often to lay him back down while the other son watches the entertainment.

But then all of a sudden, the situation takes a turn. The other son takes advantage of his dad being busy and starts making his way to the edge of the bed. Dad notices, stops what he’s doing, picks that son up, and then sits him right back down. And back to the first twin he goes — until his other son pulls the same stunt.

And the comedy act continues throughout the whole video. This dad really can’t catch a break throughout the whole process, but he doesn’t really seem to mind as he’s smiling the whole way through!

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