Dad Turns Toast Into Amazing Edible Sculptures For His Daughter With Food Allergies

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Breakfast is the best meal of the day, in my opinion, because there are so many awesome morning meals to choose from.

Whether you opt for fruit, cereal, yummy crustless quiche, or fluffy pancakes, it’s easy to make a dish that will have you full, happy, and excited to take on the day.

However, if you have a serious food allergy, meals can be more stressful than exciting.

In addition to worrying about what is in the food they are eating, people with food allergies usually have to restrict their diet, especially if the ingredient they are allergic to is super common.

For Adam Perry’s daughter, who suffers from allergies, her breakfast options were very few and usually included two pieces of toasted white bread with a spread.

But Dad came up with an amazing way to get her excited to eat her food, and it involves some pretty creative food construction.

Check below to see pictures of his toast sculptures, made just for her — they will definitely make you want to play with your food, too!

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Adam Perry began to feel bad because he had to serve his daughter white toast with sunflower oil spread each day for breakfast.

This is because she has severe food allergies that restrict her from eating a host of other breakfast foods.

Many children suffer from food allergies, ranging from mild to severe, restricting them from eating incredibly common foods like fruit, peanuts, and wheat.

When even a trace of a certain ingredient can send the child into anaphylactic shock, mealtime can be rather stressful.

For kids with allergies, meals become more of a life or death mission, rather than a matter of personal tastes.

It also means that their food choices are really sparse, especially if the adverse ingredients are in most processed and packaged foods.

Perry’s daughter’s case meant very limited breakfast choices, so he makes her two slices of white toast with sunflower oil every day.

Since this repeated breakfast can get a bit bland, he devised a way to get her excited to eat.

While their mother gets them ready, Perry makes amazing shapes and sculptures using only two slices of toasted bread.

His daughter loves the cool creations, and her sister gets a big laugh whenever they come into the kitchen to eat!

Perry was so pleased with her reaction that he started his own Instagram for the designs, which are all made out of only the two slices of toast and the oil.

He has been making them for over 100 days so far and wants to turn toast into other things for a full 365, and try and make a coffee table out of all the photos.

More important than the attention that the toast has grabbed, Perry’s daughter has found joy and positivity in dealing with her food allergies.

Though food allergies often make mealtime a little harder for kids, people like Perry help to remind them that they can have fun with food just like everyone else!

And as any parent knows, it can be very difficult to make mealtime fun and delicious for kids — so hats off to Perry for his creative parenting!

If these fun toast sculptures have you reminiscing about the back-to-school season, be sure to take our fun quiz below.

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