A Dad Stole His Daughter’s Girl Scout Money, Then Staged A Burglary To Cover It Up

by Kim Wong-Shing
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In a truly baffling turn of events, an Oregon man allegedly staged a crime to cover up his own theft of his daughter’s Girl Scout money.

Brian Couture called 911 to report a crime: A thief had broken into his house and made off with $747 of his daughter’s Girl Scout cookie money. The thief supposedly broke in through the sliding glass door. Brian said he confronted him, but the thief still managed to flee with the cash.

When police arrived after the 911 call, they found Brian “unresponsive” at the scene. He went to the hospital and everything.

He later admitted to making it all up.

“[Brian] admitted to Forest Grove Police investigators that the alleged incident was staged,” the police said in an online statement, per BuzzFeed News. “Investigators believe that Couture staged the incident in order to conceal the theft of money belonging to a non-profit organization, that was spent inappropriately.”

I mean, this probably felt like an ingenious cover-up at the time? But also, what kind of dad steals his daughter’s GIRL SCOUT MONEY in the first place?

Some of Brian’s neighbors, at least, are relieved that the break-in turned out to be fake. Brooke Gwin, who lives down the street, said she’s begun setting the alarm when she was home alone.

“Very relieved,” Brooke told KGW8. “Very, very relieved.”

On the other hand, this whole crime is beyond weird.

“It’s kind of really strange though, did he hit himself in the head?” Brooke asked. “He went away in an ambulance.”

Brian now faces charges for theft and making a false police report.

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