Goldendoodle Spots Dad Sewing His Favorite Toy Back Together And Refuses To Leave His Side

by Amy Paige
Amy is the Director of Trending Content at LittleThings. After graduating from Florida State University with a creative writing degree, she moved straight to New York City to pursue a career in the arts. She loves discovering and sharing viral videos, watching movies with her Muppet-like poodle mix named Cali, and doing the robot whenever possible.

Leo the goldendoodle had his world crushed when he ripped open his favorite toy and realized it was destroyed.

The goofy pup from Latham, New York, didn’t know it at the time, but his grandfather was about to save the day.

Leo’s owner, Hayley, walked into the living room to find her dad sewing the stuffed animal back together on the couch — while Leo watched his every move like a hawk.

The goldendoodle (a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle) was utterly mesmerized by his grandpa’s handiwork and close medical attention to his beloved toy’s wounds. He refused to leave the couch until the job was done — as if he was waiting at a hospital patient’s bedside.

Hayley’s sister posted the adorable clip on Reddit. It instantly went viral with tens of thousands of views.

“I cannot stop laughing,” Hayley wrote. “I haven’t cried from laughing in a while.”

After the surgery was finished, Grandpa tossed the toy back to Leo. He blissfully caught it, returned to playtime, and showed it off to Rowan, his canine brother.

“My dad threatened us all if we posted [the video] but it’s just too good.”

We couldn’t agree more!

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