Dad Puts His 2 Babies To Work To Teach The Importance Of Gardening

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

There’s just something about vegetables that kids can’t stand. We all remember being young and pushing broccoli or spinach around on our plates, hoping that it will disappear, or trying to sneak it to the dog.

Fortunately, we all eventually reach that age when we realize that green food isn’t that yucky. But, until that day comes, parents usually have to get pretty creative to get their kids to eat veggies.

One of the best ways to get them to love green food is to grow it themselves in their own garden.

This is exactly what one funny dad did, as he declared in a post online, “Kids Are Expensive To Feed.”

Armed with a truck full of soil and some tiny shovels, he and his two kids set out to make three beautiful garden beds in their backyard.

And the results are absolutely stunning. Check out below to see the kids’ faces at the end!

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This awesome dad came up with a way to spend memorable time with his kids—while helping to satisfy their sizable appetites!

“We decided that since they have strong backs and good constitutions, they could start offsetting some of the grocery bills by growing their own grub,” he joked in an Imgur post.

The two little tykes couldn’t be older than two or three years old, but he let them help through the entire process.

After three big garden beds were built by Dad, the team got to work filling them with soil, armed with fleeces and tiny shovels.

Though some parents would shy away from letting their kids get too close to the action, Dad was happy to let them help out—no matter how small the contribution!

The family wasn’t afraid to get dirty in the soil and looked like they had so much fun bring the garden to life.

It took two truck beds full of the soil to completely fill the three beds! But thankfully dad had his two little helpers.

She has the metabolism of a hummingbird.” she jested about his daughter. “She once ate her weight in pancakes.”

Even the small son helped out where he could, occasionally taking a go at the tools.

“Don’t let his diminutive stature fool you,” Dad warned. “Just before this picture was taken he polished off an entire lasagna, Garfield style.”

The soil was eventually all laid down, despite the dirt and exercise, he said that the what was completed “with almost no tears.”

The kids even got to use their own little wheelbarrow to move baby-sized loads.

Once the beds were filled, they were surrounded by fencing to keep any critters out.

Dad even created a little gate to get in and out of the garden beds.

Then came time for the fun part—planting the seeds!

The garden beds were filled with carrots, kale, snap peas, peppers, and broccoli.

Again, sweet Dad let the two tykes play a part in the action; they dug holes, poked seeds into the ground and softened up the soil.

And sure enough, all of the care the kids put into their gardening paid off and the green sprouts began to grow!

The little gardeners kept busy tending to the plants, making row spacers, and watering when needed—the garden became their favorite place to be.

Dad even called “backup” in the form of Mom to help supervise!

The garden continued to grow amazingly, with the towering plants growing even taller than the kids!

“It is awesome to watch a kid eat straight out of the garden. It is a real source of pride,” Dad beamed.

In addition to getting to grow their own yummy food, the garden will serve as an awesome new play place.

The kids have already found a few colorful critters who live in its leaves.

This definitely dad gave his kids something so special; a chance to build something themselves and reap its delicious benefits.

And what a better way to get kids to love their vegetables than to have them grow it all themselves?

Have you even seem someone so excited over broccoli?

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