Dad Jumps Off A Wall During Gender Reveal Party And It’s Hilarious

by Angela Cook
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Let me preface this by saying that this Dad will go down in history for how funny his reaction was to his baby’s gender reveal.

Gender reveal parties are always a joyous occasion. But in this clip, you can tell Dad is absolutely thrilled to be having a boy. Mom is equally excited but you can tell she’s not just in amazement about the baby news.

It’s always such a beautiful moment when parents react so strongly to what the gender of their child is going to be. Take this other adorable dad-to-be, for example. He starts running around, hugs a relative, and then pushes another relative as soon as finds out he’s having a boy.

It’s fun and goofy reactions like these that are really quite amazing to catch on tape.

If it’s not evident from him immediately jumping up and down, wait until he jumps up on a wall, and then jumps off of it.

Their family erupts in a fit of laughter and excitement from seeing the blue balloons fly up from the box they just opened, but also from Dad’s amazing reaction.

I think it’s fair to say that the bond this husband and his son will have will be particularly strong.

What a hilarious gender reveal party this must’ve been to attend!

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