When Daughter Finds Perfect Wedding Dress, Mom Says There’s One Final Gift From Her Late Father

by Amy Paige
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When Cora Anne met Michael, it was love at first sight. “The minute I saw him I knew,” she said. “I was drawn to him like a moth to a flame.”

After dating for 10 years, Cora and Michael were finally ready to tie the knot. Their wedding was to be held in a beautiful city in Croatia, so the destination bride had much to consider when it came to her choice of wedding dress. Luckily, the team at “Say Yes To The Dress Ireland” was there to help her pick the perfect gown.

But there was another man in Cora Anne’s life who couldn’t be there: her beloved dad, who had recently passed away. Cora Anne was his only daughter and the pair were always the best of friends.

She knew he would be at her wedding in spirit. “We’re thinking of him, but we’ll soldier on as we have to,” her mother told the cameras.

When it came time for the fitting, Cora Anne loved the first dress she tried on but her mom didn’t. Her mom loved the second dress, but Cora Anne hated it.

Third time was the charm. Cora Anne walked out to show her family and friends. “That’s the dress. It was made for me.”

The $2400 was pricey, but Cora Anne was willing to pay if it meant walking down the aisle in her dream dress.

But then her mom announced she wouldn’t be paying for it.

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