Dad Of 4 Girls Waits To Hear Gender Of 5th Baby, Leaves Without A Word When It’s Not A Boy

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

During a pregnancy, the baby has equal chances of being a boy or a girl. The wonder of genetics leaves it all up to chance, but parents have a lot of fun guessing what the gender of their baby is until the moment they find out for sure.

So when Christine Batson and her husband ended up with four girls at home, they were sure the couple’s fifth pregnancy would give them a boy.

The mom organized a small gender reveal party for the family, which she streamed live online for all their friends and the rest of their family to watch.

The reveal itself was quite simple. Four cupcakes, one for each of their daughters, were filled with pink or blue frosting to represent the gender of their sibling.

In the clip below, as they eat their ways to the middle of the cupcakes, you can see their father slowly become more and more anxious!

Finally, after a few minutes, each one of the girls reveals that the dad will not have a son, but yet another daughter!

To total strangers, the dad’s reaction is quite strange: He gets up from the table without a word, walks outside to the edge of the family’s pool, and throws himself into the water.

But, as Christine tells LittleThings, she saw it coming.

“Weeks before we even knew what we were having, he discussed doing something crazy like this because people always assume he’s so devastated about having so many girls!” she says. “So I knew he was going to do something crazy for a laugh. Everyone is so happy about a new baby sister to love!”

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