Dad Uses Face Mask To Tie Umbilical Cord Of Baby Born Outside Locked Hospital In Freezing Cold

by Amy Paige
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Sarah Rose and David Patrick of Kentucky have a pretty unbelievable birth story to tell, especially during this pandemic.

Over Mother’s Day weekend, Sarah woke David up in a panic. She was having contractions, despite the fact she wasn’t due for another week. The pain was growing more and more intense, and so the couple headed off to the hospital.

But the doors were locked.

Frantically they tried to get into another hospital entrance, but that too was locked!

Before Sarah and David could find the right entrance, her water broke right then and there — and it was about 30 degrees outside.

By this point, Sarah was in so much pain that she lay down on the parking lot concrete in a fetal position.

David called 911, but before help arrived, he saw his son’s head crowning.

Watch the video below to see what happened next, and how his protective face mask ended up playing an integral role in their son’s birth.

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