Dad Fries Up Mom’s Placenta To Eat, But She Says She’s ‘Disgusted’

by Emerald Pellot
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English dad, Ross Watson joked for months that he was going to eat his wife, Heather’s placenta in 2016.

The couple knew the new baby would be their last one, so Ross decided to take his final opportunity to eat it for breakfast.

The dad filmed the entire meal and posted the video on Facebook to quite a few shocked viewers.

“As you know, or some people might be aware, I’ve already said I’m going to eat my wife’s placenta,” Ross says in the video. “I’ve got a wee raw bit there which I’ve already garnished with some salt and pepper. I’ve tried it already, it’s not too bad.”

Ross at some of it fried and some of it raw with an English breakfast of beans, sausage, black pudding, and toast. As for is wife she was disgusted but knew this was right in line with the kind of thing her beloved husband would do.

“She was disgusted but not surprised as it’s me. I have form for crazy things,” Ross told Dailymail.

The doting dad noted that the placenta didn’t really taste like much and it was almost as though he had a second tongue. While it may seem strange, there is a new trend of parents eating placentas with the claim that it has nutritional health benefits.

“That’s it; about nine months in the cooking and ten minutes in the eating. Cheers,” he says.

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