Courageous Brother And Sister Text 911 When Dad Drives Drunk

by Emerald Pellot
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It was terrifying. Siblings Mackenzie and Ethan were headed to Colorado with their dad for a vacation when they noticed their father was drunk driving. The children feared for their lives as their father nearly hit car after car on the road. What saved them? Their courage and bravery in a difficult situation. The brother and sister first confronted their dad about his drinking. He insisted he wasn’t drunk. When 14-year-old Mackenzie said she could drive more safely, he told her to take the wheel. She told him she was underage and begged him to pull over.

That’s when 12-year-old Ethan began texting the local police without his father’s knowledge. The text sent the police on a hunt to figure out where the car was. Cunningly, the two kids convinced their father to pull over to grab something to eat at Burger King. This allowed authorities to find them. When police arrived, they found alcohol in their father’s cup and he was three times the legal limit. The children were forced to make a difficult decision in that moment; their mother, who wasn’t with them at the time, is grateful that they did. Everyone got home safe that day because Mackenzie and Ethan were brave enough to do what’s right, even if it meant getting their dad in trouble.

“He’s our parent, our other parent. It was hard, but he just pushed us to the point that we had to,” Ethan said.

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