Dad Figures Out Genius Ways To Stop His Two Daughters In The Midst Of Tantrums

by Angela Andaloro

Having multiple young children is a lesson in juggling and quick thinking. When things go downhill, they can go downhill fast.

One child’s breakdown can spur chaos in the others. You may even find yourself outnumbered by crying children if you don’t act fast. Luckily, a dad vacationing in Cabo San Lucas with his family was able to do just that with his young daughters.

The father is seen talking to his two crying daughters, Georgia and Genevieve. Genevieve is on the verge of a full-fledged breakdown when the dad stops her and suggests they take turns crying. It takes him a minute to get Genevieve to calm down enough to start.

He goes first, faking a cry. He kicks it over to Georgia, who no longer seems interested in crying but lets out a half-hearted yelp. When it’s Genevieve’s turn, she goes back into full-on crying, but for just a moment before it’s dad’s turn again.

By the time dad kicks it back to the girls for round two, they’re both over their fits of crying. The dad —who has a 1-year-old, a 3-year-old, and a  6-year-old — is a big fan of the trick. “I figured it out with one of my daughters a long time ago. Works every single time,” he boasted. It’s certainly a creative solution to every parent’s least favorite situation to handle.

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