Daughter Thinks Dad Died Of Heart Attack 26 Years Ago Only To See Him Pull Up The Driveway

by Amy P
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After Ronnie Rudolph separated from his wife, he packed up his belongings and moved away. He ended up finding a job at a concrete plant over 1,200 miles away in Lebanon, Tennessee.

There was much distance between them, but Ronnie kept in touch with his daughter, Janie, via phone conversations from his job site.

In 1992, Janie called the plant to talk to her dad — and was dealt with a shocking blow. She learned Ronnie had suffered a heart attack and died.

The loss was devastating for Janie and her family, and she eventually picked up the pieces. She got married and moved to a new home, but with little finances, she was never able to travel to Lebanon to say her goodbyes.

Then in 2018, Janie’s mother died. While Janie found a death certificate for her mom, she realized she couldn’t find one for her dad. It’s the one clue that led her to believe Ronnie might still be alive, somewhere out there.

That’s when Janie and her own daughter made a truly shocking discovery: Ronnie was indeed still alive.

And there was a heartbreaking reason why she never heard from him since being told he was dead.

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