Dad Sets Up Hidden Security Camera, At 2 A.M. Captures 6-Year-Old Acting Creepy

paul Paul Morris

Cody Wray probably considers himself a very good father. He teaches his children not to act out or mess up other people’s property, or act crazy inside the house. And he makes sure that they’re all safe and taken care of. In fact, Cody is so concerned for his family’s safety that he even set up a hidden home security camera to ensure that no strangers can break in without him knowing about it.

But as Cody was filtering through hours of footage from his security camera, he noticed something a bit strange. His 6-year-old son, Dylan, was caught on camera at 2 a.m. up and active. Was his little boy sleepwalking? Was he afraid of ghosts? What could possibly be going on here?

Within a few moments, Cody quickly figured it all out.

It turns out that his little boy was doing all the things he’s normally not allowed to do when Dad’s awake and watching.

Running around in the living room, balancing on the armrest of the sofa, turning on and off the lights as quickly as possible, doing cartwheels as if he were playing outside — this hysterical kid was doing absolutely everything you’re not allowed to do!

Cody was quite tickled with the footage, and couldn’t help but share the whole video online. But to make matters even more hilarious, there was one last piece of footage in the system before the camera mysteriously turned off: a closeup of Dylan caught in the act of shutting off the camera.

Maybe Dad should check to see if Dylan has any hidden candy in his room, because this kid has got some serious energy! This footage itself is a bit creepy, almost as if it’s from the horror movie Paranormal Activity. Maybe Dylan can get out of being grounded by telling his dad he was just trying to make his own little scary movie!

Also; for anyone who believes in ghosts, there are definitely some orbs in that house which is a sure sign of ghost activity!

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