Dad Is Criticized For Carrying Sick Daughter To Car And His Response Leaves The Guy Sobbing

by Amy Paige
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In July 2018, Brent Gehring, his wife, and their 6-year-old daughter Emma traveled from their home in Nebraska to Boston. None of them were prepared for the eye-opening confrontation that would take place while they were away. It was a story Brent thought he’d only share with his family — until now.

The family of three headed out for dinner at the Union Oyster House, where they were treated to an amazing meal from the owner, who is a close friend of theirs.

On their way back to the car, Brent picked up Emma and carried her across the street. Suddenly, a man standing about 30 feet away called out to Brent as he held his daughter in his arms.

The rude stranger lashed out at Brent’s parenting and insinuated that Emma was a lazy child.

“What the f*** are you doing?” he boldly asked Brent. “That’s what’s wrong with kids. Make her walk.”

Things could have turned heated and perhaps even physical, but Brent decided to take the high road and use the unfortunate encounter as a teaching moment.

“I had a choice to make at that time,” Brent wrote in a post on Love What Matters. He continued:

“Can I make myself feel better by screaming at him or can I teach him something about life? I won’t lie to you and tell you that it was an easy choice but I got inches from his face, with my daughter in my arms, and quietly asked him if he was referring to my daughter.

“‘Hell yes,’ he said.

“I won’t tell you the rest of the story but it ended with two grown men with tears rolling down their faces. One that needed to have his eyes opened to what real life and real love is and one that is always needing a reminder that good can come from any situation.”

You see, there was a very specific reason why Brent carried Emma in his arms that evening. As you’re about to see, his story proves you just never know what other people are going through.

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