Dad Builds The Ultimate Tree House For His Kids

by Jessica Rothhaar
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If you look around today, you’re likely to see kids walking around totally focused on their phones and tablets. Even in the summer, children tend to opt for the indoors with their video games.

Before handheld entertainment was always at their fingertips, kids would go on outdoor adventures with their friends. They’d kick a ball around, ride bikes, or run through the woods. If they were really lucky, they had a tree house to escape to after a long day at school.

Some parents haven’t forgotten the importance of play-time outside, especially not Instructables user hotrodz0321 whose incredible DIY project we found.

He decided to build a tree house based on the premise that adults need to spend more time having fun with their kids, so he got to work on building a structure that could entertain all kids, young and old.

Scroll down to see how he built this epic tree house, and let us know what you think of his incredible project in the comments below!

The tree house project began as many projects do — with a dream and a few ideas.

After picking the perfect location and collecting lumber off of Craigslist, the idea began to take form.

He framed the tree house just like he would frame any other house.

Everything is very secure and up to code.

Once the framing of the walls was complete, he wanted to make sure everything was dry and able to withstand the weather.

To do this, he purchased Hardie Board for the exterior of the walls.

This DIY-er was careful to choose products at a bargain when they became available.

All the cypress wood used for the deck was purchased from the “dollar pile,” and the windows were bought from a thrift store for next to nothing!

A lot of work went into the interior of the tree house.

To give it a rustic feel, the walls were covered in plywood paneling and stained to tie them in with the pallet wood trim work.

After the structure dried, he ran electric wiring throughout the entire tree house.

There’s no doubt that this was quickly turning into the most impressive tree house on the block!

The laminate wood flooring that was installed is easy to clean and guaranteed to last for a long time — perfect for the outdoor setting.

He even took advantage of the vertical space by adding a loft to the treehouse!

The rails he put up for safety were collected from a church that was getting rid of them.

Although kids may not understand the importance of this feature right away, this dad made sure that the room was properly ventilated.

He installed vents and a small fan on the ceiling to keep air flowing during the warm summer months.

The attention to detail put into this tree house is truly remarkable.

This dad isn’t going to have any problems getting his kids to play outside from now on!

The outside of the tree house is just as fantastic as the inside.

The dark brown color scheme was chosen because the builder wanted it to blend with the outdoors.

There’s a little bit of something for everyone; one deck is intended for lounging, another can only be accessed by a cargo net.

I don’t think these kids will bother playing video games any time soon while this tree house sits in their backyard!

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