Dad Hides Secret Room In Wall While His Wife Is Pregnant. 7 Years Later, Daughter Finds The Key

by Amy Paige
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When a husband learned his wife was pregnant with their first child, he started hatching a plan that wouldn’t come to fruition for years — but he was willing to be patient and unleash it at just the right time.

He built a hidden room full of secrets in the wall of their unborn daughter’s nursery and sealed it back up.

After the little girl was born, she spent years in that bedroom with no clue what hid behind her walls.

About seven years later, the man’s daughter asked for some pocket money. So, he instructed her to clean out an empty old window box and she reluctantly agreed. He knew the time had come to reveal his big surprise.

She opened the window box and discovered it wasn’t empty at all.

In fact, pulled out a collection of strange brass items.

And there, at the very bottom of the window box, the little girl found a tattered treasure map. She looked closer and realized it was a map of their home — leading her towards the secret opening in the bedroom wall.

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