Dad Petrifies Moms Everywhere By Balancing 3-Year-Old Daughter In Metal Chair On Forehead

by Kim Wong-Shing
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A skilled UK dad balanced his daughter and a garden chair on top of his forehead at the same time, and the nerve-wracking video of the trick is not for the faint of heart!

With a stunt this impressive, the family’s athletic background comes as no surprise. Dan Magness, 34, is a professional soccer freestyler with multiple Guinness World Records under his belt. Meanwhile, his daughter, 7-year-old Emily, is training to be an acrobat. If anyone can pull off a feat like this, it’s these two.

The family has also been training for the trick for the past six weeks. During that time, Dan practiced balancing increasingly heavy objects on top of his head, including an empty chair, before attempting it with his daughter.

“Whenever I was practicing and my daughter was with me, she would be cheering me on, shouting, ‘You can do it, Daddy,’ or, ‘Come on, Daddy!’” Dan said.

“I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think I was capable. My daughter is also used to doing these kinds of things with her acrobatics.”

That explains why Emily looks utterly calm as she’s balanced in the garden chair – a situation that would have most of us sweating. Even Emily’s mom, Julie Magness, 32, seems unbothered by the trick.

Still, Dan was proud of himself when it was all over.

“It was a great feeling when Emily’s feet touched the ground again and I knew we’d done it,” Dan said.

Dan warns people without training not to try this trick at home, in case you were tempted. We’ll have to stick to watching from home.

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