Dad Can’t Afford To Buy A New Backpack For His Son So He Weaves One By Hand Using Blue String

by Amy Paige
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Ny Keng, a 5-year-old boy from Cambodia, lives in a small village where many of the residents are poor and underserved.

Ny recently lost his one favorite backpack during a school trip to Thailand. It was his only bag, and he really needed it to carry all of his school supplies to Lumpath Primary School.

However, the boy’s parents don’t have much money. They work as casual laborers who often travel to Thailand as migrant workers.

Ny’s father couldn’t afford to replace his backpack with a new one — but that didn’t stop him from finding an incredible solution.

He spent all night weaving a makeshift rucksack by hand using blue raffia fiber string.

The next morning, Ny arrived at class with his new bag as if he’d never missed the original — leaving his teachers and classmates absolutely stunned.

Ny’s teacher, Sophous Suon, was so touched by Ny’s father’s dedication and creativity that she snapped a collection of photos showing the boy proudly showing off his brand-new bag in the classroom.

“His father is not rich, but he does everything for his children,” Sophous says. “There are many kids in Cambodia who cannot afford school supplies; good thing his father is more creative than other fathers.”

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