Dad and Daughter Celebrate Their Birthdays With Random Acts Of Kindness

by Bethany Braun
Bethany Braun is a Native New Yorker who enjoys dancing, reading and trying new restaurants. You will likely find her exploring the city streets with her 3-year-old son.

This year, Lee Beck and his daughter, Amélie, from Oxford, England, decided to celebrate their birthdays in an unusual way.

Beck, who turned 32, and Amélie, who turned 7, decided to combine their respective ages and carry out that number of good deeds in lieu of receiving gifts for themselves.

Beck posted the video, titled 39 Random Acts of Kindness, to YouTube — and the rest was history. Once local media got hold of the story, it went viral and the pair have become somewhat famous.

The father/daughter duo originally intended for their good deeds to be private, and Beck says, “The attention has all been a bit overwhelming and I think it lost a bit of the magic for us.

That being said, we are happy that it had inspired so many to go and do something similar.”

Some of the acts of kindness Beck and Amélie performed were:

  • Hiding treats for co-workers of Lee, who later emailed them on his birthday to look in his desk to claim them as a reward for giving him the day off
  • Setting flowers on a war memorial in honor of V-E Day
  • Writing thank-you letters to Amélie’s teacher, Amélie’s mother, and Lee’s former lecturer
  • Picking up trash at a park
  • Registering Lee for organ donation

Beck says Amélie’s favorite act was leaving pennies near a “wishing bridge” for passersby to make free wishes. He said, “We watched people from afar and everyone who passed stopped. Wishes are pretty cheap, and it brightened people’s day.”

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