Dad And Baby Film Hilarious Little Video After ‘Switching Faces’

by Paul Morris
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When Robert Russell was left home alone with his adorable little baby, he came up with an amazing plan to show the family just how alike dad and son actually are!

And when Robert sent this out to his family, including his wife, mommy instantly broke down into laughter and just couldn’t wipe the smile off her face. And when you watch the video, you’ll see exactly why!

Using a new smartphone app he downloaded, Robert figured out how to swap his face with his little boy. Using the app resulted in one of the most hilarious — and a bit scary — videos you could ask to see. The dad has the face of his little baby, and the baby has grown himself a pretty nice beard!

No wonder everyone loves this hilariously adorable video! The bond shared between this dad and his little boy is so incredible to watch, and when you watch it you’ll see how close their relationship really is.

This iPhone app has begun to take the internet by storm, with thousands of people having silly fun using their smartphone cameras. We’re really excited to show off one of the cutest out there so far. And Mom couldn’t be more pleased to see both her boys going viral!

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