Girlfriend Thinks She’s Posing For A Goodbye Photo — Until She Turns Around And Sees Him

by Paul Morris
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For anyone who knows someone in any branch of the military, it’s an unfortunate reality that if they’re still serving in the armed forces, the day will come when they will be called to duty and will have to spend months away from home, where they belong.

That’s what makes these people so incredible to begin with — not the fact that they’ll bravely fight the enemy in any scenario, but that they’ll be so willing to travel thousands of miles away from the people they love just because they feel the need to serve their country so much. Whether or not they agree with the politics of their government doesn’t even matter, because these amazing people swore an oath and will always follow it.

So when one young Marine named Noah Click found out he was going to have to leave his girlfriend Lauren Collett behind during his lengthy deployment, he decided he wanted to do something special.

He asked her to take some photos with him and his family, and while everything seemed perfectly normal at first, it turned out that this Marine had a little surprise for the love of his life.

When she turned around and saw him on one knee, she instantly knew what was happening. In total disbelief, she slowly walked towards him, and in a moment of pure joy, she whispered out the answer to his very important question.

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