100 Cute Dog Names For Girl And Boy Dogs

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So you got yourself the cutest puppy in the world, and now you need a name to do that cute little face justice.

Don’t worry — we are here to help!

We’ve handpicked the best cute dog names to make it easy for you to pick the one that matches your cute four-legged friend the most. After all, you want your puppy to have the perfect name that represents not only their looks but also their character.

Is your dog really small, like the ones in our list of best small dog breeds list? Or do you have a really big dog? Is your puppy furry or short-haired?

Whatever your puppy’s appearance and character, you will find your perfect cute dog name here.

When you’re at the dog park and someone asks your dog’s name, you’ll be certain to get an, “Awww. What a cute name!” response.

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50 Cute Girl Dog Names

Cute pug dog

1. Amélie – After a famous girl character from one of the cutest French films, titled after her.
2. Angel – Perfect for a puppy with an angelic face.
3. Apricot – Great for a light-brown Pomeranian!
4. Ariel – After the Disney princess who simply loved being in water.
5. Babushka – Awesome-sounding name, meaning “granny” in Russian.
6. Bambi – After the cute deer character from another Disney classic.
7. Bean – Perfect for a small, jumpy puppy.
8. Bee – Great for an energetic, small dog.
9. Bell (Belle) – After the beautiful princess from Beauty and the Beast.
10. Biscuit – Great name for any dog.
11. Blueberry – Small, round, and sweet.
12. Boo (Boo Boo) – Works great for a very large dog.
13. Boots – Great for a puppy that has different-colored fur on her legs.
14. Bubblegum – Works really well for a small, energetic doggy.
15. Bunny – Perfect for a bunny-sized puppy.
16. Buttercup – A cute name for a girl dog.
17. Button (Buttons) – Especially great if the dog has patchy fur.
18. Candy (Candie) – For a sweet girl puppy.
19. Cappuccino – Perfect for a doggy whose owners love a bit of caffeine in their lives.
20. Caramel – Great for any light-brown colored doggy.

Cute Golden Retriever Dog

21. Cha-Cha – After a fast and cheerful dance.
22. Chi Chi – Sounds adorable for a tiny dog, such as a Pomeranian or a Yorkie.
23. Cinderella – Absolutely perfect for a female Yorkie with long hair.
24. Cinnamon – Also perfect for a Yorkie.
25. Cookie – For a sweet puppy that no one can resist.
26. Cuddles – For a furry, huggable four-legged friend.
27. Cupcake – Great name for a small dog that can be carried.
28. Elmo – There is no denying the Sesame Street character is cute.
29. Elsa – After the main character from Frozen.
30. Fuzzy – Great for a very hairy dog.
31. Gizmo – Works well for large or small doggies.
32. Honeybear – Ideal for a large furry dog.
33. Honeybee – Great for a smaller doggy.
34. Jellybean – Perfect name for a puppy that loves to pounce.
35. Kiki – Amazing name for a dog that brings a smile to your face.
36. Kiwi – Can be after a fruit, or a super-cute wingless bird from New Zealand.
37. Lollipop – A sweet name for a sweet puppy.
38. Marshmallow – Great for a fluffy dog of any size.
39. Mocha – Another great name for a puppy whose owners love a good cup of coffee.
40. Muffin – Perfect for a doggy that has a very hairy head.

Cute dog with big ears

41. Munchkin – Great for a hairy, huggable puppy of any size.
42. Noodles – Absolutely perfect for doggies with curly fur.
43. Panda – Great name for a large dog.
44. Peanut – Ideal cute name for a small dog.
45. Pepper – Great for any hot-headed puppy.
46. Pumpkin – This name is ideal for any dog, especially if her fur comes close to the orange color.
47. Skittles – Taste the rainbow with your sweet dog!
48. Smooches – Ideal for a puppy that loves their kisses.
49. Waffles – A cute dog name that is especially perfect for a puppy that dribbles a lot.
50. Zuzu – You simply cannot call your puppy Zuzu and not feel the love every time you call out her name!

50 Cute Boy Dog Names

Cute Husky dog

1. Bacon – Everyone loves bacon.
2. Bailey – Sweet, creamy, and can get your head spinning!
3. Banjo – After a pretty cool, stringed musical instrument.
4. Bear – Perfect for a large, fluffy boy dog.
5. Benjamin – Yes, it’s a human name. But calling your puppy Benjamin is just too cute to handle.
6. Bingo – Great for a black-and-white doggy.
7. Biscuit – Perfect for a sweet puppy.
8. Boots – Ideal if your dog has differently colored legs.
9. Bowie – A beautiful tribute to David Bowie.
10. Bubbles – Ideal for a bubbly puppy.
11. Buddy – You would literally call your doggy your friend every time you said his name.
12. Buttons – Cute name for a boy dog.
13. Casper – Super-cute name, after the famous ghost character.
14. Chewy – Ideal if your puppy chews everything in his way!
15. Cookie Monster – Great if your puppy loves treats more than anything.
16. Dino – A perfect name for a large dog.
17. Elmo – After a muppet-character from a children’s TV show Sesame Street.
18. Ewok – After cute, furry characters from the film Star Wars.
19. George – For the curious puppy, or a dog who looks adorable in a bow tie.
20. Ghost – A beautiful tribute to a dog character in the TV series Game of Thrones.

Cute dog with big tongue

21. Gizmo – Cute name for a loving puppy.
22. Gulliver – After an adventurous character from a book called Gulliver’s Travels.
23. Hansel – After a boy character from a children’s story Hansel and Gretel.
24. Hershey – A sweet name — after Hershey’s chocolates.
25. Hobbit – After a character from The Lord of the Rings.
26. Lad – Awesome name for a boy dog.
27. Marley (Marly) – Will pull the heartstrings of anyone who’s seen the film Marley and Me.
28. Mickey – After a Disney cartoon character Mickey Mouse.
29. Moose – Absolutely ideal for a really large dog, such as a Great Dane, but also funny for a small dog.
30. Nugget – An amazing name for a small dog.
31. Oreo – Great sweet name for a black-and-white puppy.
32. Patches – Cute and classic name for a patchy puppy.
33. Pebbles – Great name for a dog of any size.
34. Picasso – After a great and talented painter that went by the name of Picasso.
35. Pluto – A great reference to a cartoon character from Disney’s Mickey Mouse.
36. Poochie – A simple yet adorable name.
37. Porkchop – For the pet owner who was a big fan of Nickelodeon’s Doug.
38. Prince – For a puppy that will get treated like royalty.
39. Pugsley – Super-cute name for a pug.
40. Rascal – Perfect name for a mischievous little pup!

Cute Yorkie dog

41. Romeo – A great tribute to Shakespeare’s love story Romeo & Juliet.
42. Seuss – A tribute to Dr. Seuss.
43. Sheldon – After a hilarious character from a TV series called Big Bang Theory.
44. Simba – After a character from one of the greatest Disney’s films: The Lion King.
45. Stinky – Perfect for a puppy that farts a lot!
46. Teddy (Ted) – For a doggy that is as cute as a teddy bear!
47. Toto – After a dog from the classic film Wizard of Oz.
48. Waldo – Can you never find him?
49. Yoda – One more reference to a film: Star Wars.
50. Ziggy – And another great tribute to David Bowie.

That’s all of the names that are perfect for your cute puppy. There’s a few references to some great Disney films, so if you liked those you must see our Disney dog names list!

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