Dad Lays Out 4 Wooden Boards To Create An Incredible Fort For His Very Lucky 2-Year-Old

by Cassandra Morris
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One of the things I most look forward to in life is having my very own backyard. Sure, the house and location are what really matter — but a backyard is where all the fun is!

I often dream of all the wonderful things I’d love for it to have: a beautiful fire pit, a little pond, maybe a special garden… There are so many cool possibilities, it’s hard to decide.

But when I saw this incredible backyard feature, I knew this is one thing my future yard definitely needs.

However, it’s not just the beautiful product that I love — but the adorable family that built it, and the sweet little boy that will be enjoying it for many years to come!

After all, what can be better than a good dad building something for the child he loves? In my opinion, nothing.

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This dad knew he wanted to build something special for his little boy — so after coming up with a great idea, he picked up some lumber and got to work!

diy backyard ideas

After cutting the pieces down to size, he began to put it all together. As he photographed his progress, his sweet little boy helped to provide some scale.

backyard ideas

He knew exactly where he wanted his project to go: on the site of an old sandbox square (which had been removed after a neighbor's cat kept using it for a litter box).

awesome backyard

He dug the posts 14" deep, set the deck frame, and installed some floor planks.

diy playground

Next, he began to build the walls.

diy playset

After that came the roof beams — and one excited little toddler!

diy background ideas

Next, the 1" x 4" wall planks were installed.

diy background ideas

A simple steel panel roof was attached.

diy background ideas

It was all coming together beautifully!

diy background ideas

Next, he built and installed some lovely guardrails.

diy background ideas

After adding some red mulch and a warm stain, the little fort was nearly complete.

diy background ideas

All it needed was a little adventurer to test it out — with Dad supervising nearby, of course!

diy background ideas

Towards the end, Mom came out and added a few of her own touches.

diy background ideas

The final product is gorgeous — and both Dad and baby seem pleased!

diy background ideas

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