Adorable Baby Boy Caught On Camera Rocking Out To A Country Tune

by Courtney Wilkins
Courtney is a Writer and Jazz Singer living in NYC. She graduated from University of Florida in Political Science and Journalism. A craft-beer connoisseur, she also likes dark chocolate and loves to dance.

Sometimes parents unexpectedly find the most precious moments to capture their kids being adorable or silly.

But how about jamming out to a country tune?

This little guy named Drake is clearly a country fan. His folks filmed his sensational performance, showing the world just how passionate he is. And now he’s gone viral!

Drake has no shame while he lip syncs and plays his air guitar to Randy Houser’s country tune “Boots On” in the backseat of the family’s car. With his legs propped up, his blue plastic guitar and black manly jacket are just too adorable for words.

Drake must be doing something right. He’s already a country heart-breaker. It’s probably the instrumental rock out session. It could be his crooked little grin. Either way, Drake has melted hearts and his fans are proud to show it. His video went viral immediately and got over 1.9 million views… and it’s still growing!

It’s moments like these when parents are glad they can whip out a cellphone and capture a life-lasting memory. Drake’s parents will be able to look back and commend him on his country swag and stellar air guitar abilities.

Something tells us that this adorable little boy might just make it and become a country music star himself!

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