15 Pawsitively Adorable Dog Names For Pups Born In 2020

by Karen Belz
Karen Belz has written for sites such as Bustle, HelloGiggles, Romper, and So Yummy. She's the mom of a sassy toddler and drinks an alarming amount of Sugar-Free Red Bull in order to keep up with her.

Dog names make all the difference in how we see and perceive our sweet pooch pals. For one, they set the tone.

Often, it may seem as if your dog’s personality is partially formed due to his name. For example, my rescue dog’s name is Burly. When we adopted him, he was thin and needed a lot of TLC. These days, he’s bulked up a few pounds and is at a healthy weight. As his vet stated at the time, “He really fits his name now.” The best dog names will always find a way to fit your lucky pup.

But that’s not the only reason why dog names are so important. They’re also what dogs use to identify themselves.

Without a name, training is almost impossible. Great names will also be looked at fondly in the future. To this day, I can’t view the word “Buttons” without thinking of my sweet little childhood bichon frise.

There hasn’t been a ton of positivity coming out of 2020. But something wonderful that has happened is many people are choosing to use their extra time at home wisely and are currently fostering dogs to help out overcrowded shelters. And that means that dog names are very important right now. Choosing dog names that reflect positivity is one small way you can give back. Happier days are ahead, and often, adding a dog to your family can make quite the difference.

Here are 15 great and positive dog names for a new pup you’ve decided to help cheer up your year.

1. Dolly

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Dolly is an incredible name that’s suitable for a little lady pup. Of course, it brings about good feelings since it’ll likely remind you of Dolly Parton, who’s one of the most likable musicians around. Dog names like Dolly are best suited for fluffy pups whose main prerogative in life is to provide nothing but snuggles and love. Dolly as a name often means “a vision.”

2. Mila

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Sure, Mila Kunis helped make the sweet name famous. But this name isn’t on the list solely because of the well-liked actress and mom. This short and sweet name translates into “gracious” and “dear,” which are two apt adjectives that help define love. Mila is a beautiful name that any pet would be lucky to have. Two-syllable dog names like Mila are also pretty easy for new pets to understand.

3. Ruth

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Not only is Ruth a powerful name (think Ruth Bader Ginsburg), but it has an incredible meaning. In Hebrew, Ruth means “friend.” And right now, all of us could use a good friend. Dog names like Ruth are especially cute since they’re adorable on a puppy and truly fitting for an older dog. Your little Ruth will have no problem growing into her name.

4. Sunny

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This one’s a no-brainer. Sunny days are the best of days. When the weather is nice, things grow. Dog names like Sunny are best for friendly dogs who are just happy to be part of a family again. There will definitely be sunnier days ahead, so why not let your new dog serve as a perfect reminder?

5. Edwina

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Edwina is a classic name that can also easily be shortened to Eddie — especially during the puppy years. The Old English translation for Edwina is “rich friend,” which can also be interpreted as “old friend.” If you’ve ever owned a dog before, you already know this to be true. A kind-mannered dog named Edwina will stay with you through thick and thin and give you all of the support you need to navigate through the year.

6. Harmony

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There’s something beautiful about the name Harmony. And as far as dog names go, it’s not one of the most popular, meaning that they’ll have no problem distinguishing themselves at the dog park. Harmony literally means the combination of simultaneous musical notes.

Singing in harmony is a beautiful thing. It’s a positive name that reinforces the fact that we’re all trying hard to work together to make the world better.

7. Poppy

7. Poppy

Poppy is both a spunky and sweet name — which is perfect for a dog who is very adoring yet has a little bit of a wild side. The name means “red flower,” and it’s a great name to help pay homage to spring. With a dog named Poppy, you will always feel warmth and renewal.

8. Buddy

8. Buddy

Buddy is one of the most classic dog names out there. And it’s about due for a comeback. We all know that dogs are man’s best friend. Make it official by giving your fluffy pal the name of “Buddy.”

Fun fact: Buddy was the name of the dog owned by the Clinton family when Bill was in office. (However, he often had to compete for headlines with their cat, Socks.)

9. Lake

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Lake is a popular name for boys and girls right now, but it can also be used for your dog. When you think of a lake, you’re probably at peace. Lakes are a gorgeous part of nature and a great place to meet with family and loved ones. Lakes are calm and serene. This would be an especially great dog name for a pup who loves the water.

10. Ames

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Ames is like James, but without the J. The name Ames, as well as Amos, means “friend.” It’s an unusual first name to have, but it’d be a very cute name for a family dog. The great thing about Ames is that it works for both male and female dogs.

11. Rosie

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Rosie is a beautiful name and a great choice for the new dog in your life. If it’s a little too cutesy for you, you could also easily go with Rose or Rosa. All three have wonderful namesakes — from Rosie the Riveter to Rose Friedman to Rosa Parks.

12. Jem

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Jem is a great dog name for either a male or a female dog. The boy version was a wonderful character in the great work of literature To Kill a Mockingbird. For girls, one of the most popular Jems was from the early cartoon series Jem and the Holograms.

While the spelling is different, it’s pronounced the same as Gem, which is short for Gemstone. When referring to someone as a gem, you’re more or less saying that you’re lucky to have them in your life. So it’s a very fitting name for your new dog.

13. Ava

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In terms of dog names, Ava is actually quite positive. The name itself means “life,” and plenty of celebrities have chosen it for both their children and pets. And have no fear — since it’s so short, it’ll definitely fit on a dog ID tag.

14. Lucky

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Lucky is another great dog name for a fortunate pooch. It’s great for a rescue dog who’s finally found their loving forever home, and it radiates nothing but positive vibes. A dog named Lucky sounds like a fun-loving pup who’ll make any family complete.

If you like the concept of Lucky but not the name itself, Clover is also a wonderful name that is similarly sweet.

15. Honey

15. Honey

A dog named Honey is sweet and loving. She has a great temperament and loves being part of your family. She might not be the most active dog, but she loves cuddles on the couch. If your new pup fits that criteria, perhaps Honey is one of the strongest dog names for you. Honey is especially fitting for a dog with a light brown or tan coloring.