Meet The Tiny Instagram Star With Over 100,000 Foodie Followers

by Roxy Garrity
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How do you become an influential New York City food blogger without ever having actually tried solid food?

I’d say ask Sam Chau, but she’s only 5-and-a-half months old. With more than 100,000 Instagram followers, her and her brother Matt’s foodie adventures can be found at @foodbabyny.

The man behind the camera is their doting dad Michael Chau. “I thought it was kind of a clever play on words,” says Chau. “People talk about a food baby when you eat too much. I thought it was funny because it’s food, plus a baby.”

A couple of @foodbabyny‘s favorite spots include Queens Comfort in Astoria and Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings in East Village Manhattan.

Apparently, the food baby’s recommendations are rubbing off on professionals in the food industry. “I started going to different restaurants that the food baby would go to,” said Mina Lee, the Director of Innovation at Mimi Cheng’s.

Chau originally started posting pictures of his meals from around the New York City area on his personal account about four years ago. One day, he captured a photo of Matt behind a food dish and when he posted it, the picture got more likes than his normal posts. After that, Chau felt like he was on to something.

Roxy Haynes // LittleThings

The Chaus welcomed their second child, Sam, when Matt was reaching his terrible two’s and was becoming too rambunctious to sit still for pictures. Chau then decided to incorporate Sam into his foodie pictures, too.


“She’s very relaxed, she just sits there. It’s a lot easier now to get a photo with her,” added Chau.


Michael’s wife Alexandra Chau says, “I just want them to know how much their parents love them and how much we loved being parents, and went out to a lot of places and had a lot of fun.”


So what’s next for @foodbabyny? The Chaus say they don’t have any definite plans. They just want to try more restaurants.

So what will happen when Sam reaches her terrible two’s? Well, the Chaus said they want more children so there may likely be a Food Baby number 3! “So, we’ve got a couple years left doing this,” said Michael. You can also follow them on Facebook!

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