Teens Who Sneak Out To Party Cut Their Hair To Trick Parents Into Believing They Are In Bed

by Nadine DeNinno
Nadine is a writer and editor living in New York City. She has contributed to OK! Magazine, Star Magazine, The International Business Times and House Beautiful. She can name every celebrity dog on Instagram and enjoys ballet, music and a good pun.

Every rebellious teen has at some point tried to sneak out of their house in the middle of the night when they’re grounded or not allowed to leave.

And while the reasons for punishment and points of destination have changed over the years, every generation still tries to pull the same stunts that never work — like the old sleeping doll in bed trick.

Well, these ladies figured out a way to outsmart their parents.

The two girls were told they couldn’t go out to a party, so they came up with a genius plan to fool their family. They stuffed their beds with pillows, cut their own hair, and stuffed it under the covers to make it look like they were sleeping soundly in bed.

They’re just average teens who wanted to go out, but they weren’t allowed.

So the girls actually lopped off their own locks to follow through with the plan.

Twitter / shannonhay5

It really looked like they were in bed.

Twitter / shannonhay5

The girls said they snuck back in successfully at 4 a.m.

Twitter / shannonhay5

They didn’t say if they were caught or if their parents ever looked in their room to check up on them.

Twitter / shannonhay5

We really hope their parents don’t use the internet, because they will be busted!

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