Beauty Store Customer Acts As A Human Shield For A Scared Little Girl During An Armed Robbery

by Allyson Souza
Ally is a born-and-bred Jersey Girl who studied English and Journalism at Rutgers University. In her free time, she spends too much money on food, continues the endless search for her next favorite book, and fails to use her gym membership on a daily basis. She comes from a huge, crazy family that sells Fish & Chips for a living and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Seeing your child in danger and not being able to help is every parent’s worst nightmare. It’s not only an intensely helpless feeling, but an insanely scary one as well.

If at all possible, most parents wouldn’t think twice about stepping in and risking their own lives if it meant that there was even a small chance that their child would be out of danger. It’s just the way that parental love works. There’s nothing they wouldn’t do for their child.

Just look at this story of a father who flipped his car while rushing home to save his children from a house fire. He then climbed out of the car and ran the rest of the way home to his kids.

Luckily, the kids were already out of the house, and their father wasn’t seriously injured in the car accident, but it just goes to show the extreme length that a father will go through to be there for his children.

For beauty store owner Mamie Ugwuanyi, her moment of terror came when an armed robber stormed into her shop while her 7-year-old daughter Victoria was out of reach. Ugwuanyi couldn’t get to Victoria, but customer Heather Correy could.

Correy grabbed Victoria at the first moment she could and shielded the little girl with her own body.

As any mother would, Correy stepped in even though it wasn’t her child in danger. A mother’s instinct to protect knows no bounds.

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