Clever Man Saws A Square Hole Into His Fence So His Beloved Dog Can Play With The Neighbors

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

Everyone thinks of cats as curious creatures, but dogs are pretty fascinated by the possibility of the unknown, too. They love to sniff and chew up new things, even if they shouldn’t, but they also like to peer out at the big world beyond the backyards they call home.

And even better than looking out at a big, unknown world? The possibility of making a new friend. Or discovering something new and baffling, like mysterious water falling from the sky.

Although sometimes they need a little help from their humans.

Reddit user ryanispiper learned that his pit bull, Pete, was not going to be content to stay on his side of the fence when he knew there was a dog friend on the other side. In fact, Pete once even chewed through the fence so he could play.

Ryanispiper doesn’t mind that Pete is a social dog, but he does mind having to repair a fence. So he decided to create a compromise that would allow Pete some socializing time, but also keep the fence intact — mostly intact, that is.

He used some woodworking skills and a bit of chicken wire to create a screened window in the wooden fence that divides his yard from his neighbors’, creating a space where the dogs can see one another, but that still serves as a sturdy divider. And it makes Pete less likely to chew through the fence again.

Pete loves his window, and both he and the neighbor dog run up to it each morning to see how their friend is. They also like to chase each other along the face and even exchange kisses through the wire.

This isn’t the first time someone’s caved to their dog’s curiosity and created a window.

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When he realized that his dog, Pete, wanted nothing more than to get to know the neighbor dog, Reddit user Ryanispiper decided to throw Pete a proverbial bone.

Using some extra wood and chicken wire, he created a little “window” that still serves as a barrier but allows Pete and the neighbor to hang out.

He says that now the neighbor dog knows whenever Ryanispiper gives Pete snacks — and demands some, too.

Ryanispiper isn’t the first crafty sort to come up with this solution for a curious dog.

Plenty of dog owners have wanted their pooches to be able to see the big, wide world while keeping them safely at home.

This dog’s window is built low in the fence so she can relax while taking in the world.

This dog window was a joint collaboration between the owner of the dog, who cut out the hole, and the young neighbor on the other side, who created a bright, floral accent.

We think the choice of a yellow flower complements this golden’s fur very nicely.

This window comes complete with space for some ears.

Choosing a spot for the window probably requires some consideration, too.

It all depends on how the house and yard are oriented, where the most interesting view is, and where the dog seems to like hanging out the most.

Also, just imagine this little face greeting you.

Of course, if you have multiple dogs, things can get a little more complicated.

Ryanispiper has another dog in addition to Pete, but they seem to share the window just fine.

But not all dog siblings are so accommodating. Sometimes they each need their own space.

And not everyone is on board with the idea of carving their fence up. But if you’re a resourceful dog, that’s not a problem.

Because when there’s a new friend to be made, you’re not going to let a little thing like a fence stop you.

Of course, with a hole in the fence, the possibility of an unexpected visitor is always there!

Would you cut a hole in your fence for your dog? Or do you prefer to let your dog socialize on the leash?

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