Son Becomes Hunchback After Fall, Then Doctors See His Twisted Spin In X-Ray And Transform Him

by Emerald Pellot
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Thaine Marston fell off a trampoline five years ago. Since then, his back has appeared uneven and his growth has been stunted. Now, finally, the 11-year-old boy’s S-shaped spine has been corrected, thanks to implanted magnetic rods.

After the accident, his father noticed a lump on his back and took him to the hospital. Thaine was diagnosed with early onset scoliosis. To correct the condition, doctors said he needed an invasive, painful surgery that would cause serious scarring.

While Thaine was awaiting the surgery, his mother, Paula, discovered Magnet Expansion Control (MAGEC) treatment while conducting her own research. In this procedure, magnetic rods are put into the spine and externally adjusted by a remote control. These magnets gradually unfurl a cover.

Paula decided to go with MAGEC treatment instead of the scary operation. Today, Thaine is 6 inches taller than he was before 18 months ago when he started the procedure.

“I would never think anything that serious would happen to a boy like me. I was really upset. But after the operation, everything is just like it used to be before,” Thaine told Dailymail.

While Thaine will have to continue to have treatments every six weeks until he is 20 years old, he believes it is well worth it.

“I have now managed to have a much more normal life. I just have to be a bit more cautious about what I do,” Thaine said.

Thaine was able to grow from 4’9 to 5’3 in just a year and a half.

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