74-Year-Old Man Builds Giant Radio Flyer Wagon In His Garage Because He Never Got One As A Kid

by Jess Butler
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When Curtis Hutchinson was a little boy, he wanted a Radio Flyer wagon. Unfortunately, he never got to own one during his childhood — but now he’s making up for it in a huge way!

The 74-year-old built an SUV-sized Radio Flyer wagon safe enough for him to drive on the road. The massive replica was made from scratch, and now, Curtis is sharing his wagon with the world.

In the video below, posted on September 26, 2017, Curtis explains, “Basically, after the mechanic work was done, I finished everything in my garage.”

He had been inspired by a friend who built a Radio Flyer out of a golf cart and decided to top that with an even bigger vehicle dedicated to the toy he never had.

In the video, Curtis drives his Radio Flyer everywhere, except the one place his wife asks him not to: church.

Curtis’ masterpiece has a 350 engine and can go from 0 to 90 mph in just seven seconds! Now that’s pretty amazing.

The proud builder has been offered money for his prized vehicle several times, but Curtis always says, “I’m having too much fun with it.”

So, what do you think of Curtis’ new ride?

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