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2 Girls Keep Hearing A Dog Crying. 6 Days Later, They Look In Irrigation Grate And Spot A Nose

by Jess Butler
Jess is a curly-haired Jersey girl who adores penguins and watches the worst reality shows on TV.

It was a white winter in Nampa, ID, when two young girls passed by a suburban irrigation grate. They started hearing peculiar noises, almost as though a dog were crying.

However, there wasn’t a dog in sight, making it quite the baffling situation.

For a few days, the noises continued, pressing the girls to figure out where the cries were coming from.

During their search, they spotted a red irrigation gate surrounding by fresh snow. To the average person, it would seem unlikely that the noises came from such a questionable spot, but the girls made their way over to check it out.

When they peered down through the holes in the red grate, they saw something shocking: a nose!

In the video posted on December 20, 2016, you can see a scared golden retriever standing below the girls, staring straight at the them. That was the moment the girls took action.

“We sat out there until the animal-control cop came and then a bunch of animal-control trucks, and then a firetruck came,” one of the girls explained. She continued, “It was their first time seeing this actually happen.”

It’s not every day that a large dog finds her way below ground, especially in this Idaho neighborhood. Thankfully, firemen stepped in to fetch the dog (whose name was Zeta) out of the irrigation grate.

The other girl who helped save Zeta’s life said, “She was trying to climb the ladder herself, but no one would let her.”

After Zeta was rescued, she was quickly returned to her home, thanks to the tags on her collar.

The first girl turned hero told the news crew, “We’re happy that they got back to their family and they can spend Christmas together.”

What could be more heartwarming than that?

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