Girl’s Hair Keeps Getting Shorter, And Mom Learns Cruel Bullies Chop It With Classroom Scissors

by Amy Paige
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Samantha Fleming’s 5-year-old daughter Melissa kept coming home from school with shorter hair.

Melissa was born with microcephaly, a condition in which the head is smaller than normal because the brain has not properly developed.

Children with microcephaly can experience learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, and vision problems.

Melissa started at her new school in September 2017. At that point, her beautiful blonde hair fell halfway down her back. So when Samantha noticed her daughter’s hair mysteriously getting shorter, she grew concerned — then learned that bullies were chopping it off using classroom scissors.

The first time it happened, the school spoke to the children about the dangers of scissors.

After it happened again, Samantha spoke to the head teacher, who promised to monitor Melissa’s classmates. But it didn’t stop.

Samantha says her daughter’s hair was cut at least six times in eight months.

“Just six months ago she was struggling to put any sentences together and she is only just starting to string sentences now,” Samantha told Caters News. “She’s also got a lot of hearing problems. I think because of her condition she gets in with the wrong crowd as she doesn’t understand the difference between what is naughty and what is good.”

Due to Melissa’s health issues, her hair doesn’t grow back like it normally should. “Every time it has been cut, I have to cut off another one to two inches to get it straight again, but it takes a while to grow back,” Samantha said.

The last time it happened, Melissa went to school with her hair a lot longer than it was when Samantha picked her up. So the outraged mom went straight back into the school to show the principal.

However, the mother of three was less than impressed with the school’s response.

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