King George VI Hid Crown Jewels In A Cookie Tin And Buried Them Under Windsor Castle During WWII

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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World War II was a time of fear and destruction in Great Britain.

The country was at the edge of the war zone, and London was subject to seemingly constant bombings during the heat of the war. No one, and nothing, was safe.

According to a new report in The Times of LondonKing George VI, Queen Elizabeth’s father and the king during the war, went to great lengths to keep his family and things safe — including the crown jewels.

The crown jewels usually reside in the Tower of London, but it has long been suspected that they were taken somewhere else during the war for safekeeping, although no one knew where they were hidden until now. There were many theories about where the jewels were stashed, from a cave in Wales to a vault in Canada, according to People.

But as it turns out, the crown jewels were right under everyone’s noses the whole time — literally.

People reports that Alastair Bruce, an expert on the jewels, recently discovered letters from royal librarian Sir Owen Morshead to Queen Mary that solved the decades-old mystery.

The crown jewels were hidden under Windsor Castle — inside a cookie tin. According to the letters, King George VI ordered that the jewels be stashed in a cookie tin, which was then buried in the castle. A deep cavern with two chambers and steep doors was constructed under the palace to keep the tin safe and sound during the war.

To get into the cavern, a trap door was constructed. Apparently, the trap door still exists today.

This plan was so secret that Queen Elizabeth herself reportedly didn’t even know about it, and only found out during the recent filming of a documentary for the Smithsonian Channel.

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Photos: Wikimedia Commons; Instagram / 5pieces_a_day

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