Kitten Falls Out Of Window, 8 Years Later, His Eyes Are Permanently Cross-Eyed

by Emerald Pellot
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When Ozzy was just a kitten he fell out of a window. His humans, Ian and Evelyn McDougall, from Perth, Scotland kept the little guy, of course.

Ozzy never was quite the same since the ordeal and his eyes look permanently “hypnotized.”

“Ozzy fell off a windowsill and we reckon he dunted his head then. That’s when me and Evelyn took him in because he was the runt of the litter,” Ian said. “I think he’s got tunnel vision, he can look at one bit and then it’s a bit further away. It’s very comical when he’s chasing a fly. He’s got real character about him.”

Ian and Evelyn say the incident left the cat permanently impaired, but because Ozzy knows their home so well he has adjusted fine.

“He’s a bit daft at times but he is very friendly. He’s definitely a house cat,” she said. “The condition doesn’t hinder him in the house, he’s used to the house. He can run up and down the corridor.”

They believe Ozzy looks like Bagheera from the Disney movie The Jungle Book. 

“He looks like the panther from the Disney movie when you see the eyes,” Ian said.

On one occasion Ozzy managed to escape, but luckily the Scottish SPCA was able to find the strange little cat.

“My son left the door open when he was waiting on the school bus and he must have sneaked out in beside the floor pots and we mustn’t have noticed,” he said. “We were very relieved to have found him.”

Ozzy doesn’t like leaving the comfort of his home and getting lost only brought him closer to his humans.

“Since he came home he’s started to sleep in our bed, I don’t know if it’s for security,” she said.

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