Strange Photo Of A Normal Dog Is Making People Confused And Uncomfortable

by June Rivers
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In November 2017, Reddit user “chadwalk” posted a photo of his friend’s two pups, calling the image an optical illusion.

The photo quickly went viral, and you’re about to see why.

The image shows two brown dogs laying on a bed — but there’s something truly bizarre about the dog on top. He has all the necessary facial features, but there’s something “off” about him.

Is this dog deformed? Is he sick? Deranged? Why are his eyes lopsided?

What is going on here?!

Scroll down to see why this one photo has people all over the country freaked out and scratching their heads…

No bones about it… this is a photo of two dogs lying on a bed.

…and so is this.

But when Reddit user “chadwalk” shared the photo online, it quickly went viral.

While the dog on top is completely normal and healthy, the internet couldn’t figure out what on earth was “wrong” with the strange-looking animal.

He has two eyes, two ears, a nose, and a mouth.

But something just seems… off.

It’s an optical illusion of sorts.

Do you see it?

Commenters were left confused, freaked out, and downright uncomfortable.

Countless viewers were certain they were looking at some kind of deformed or mangled mutt.

Some people said they spent minutes trying to figure out what was going on.

But take a closer look…

The dog’s face is turned completely sideways!

Here’s the shot flipped onto its side, rotated 90 degrees.

Now I get it!


The photo has been likened to a Picasso painting.


This isn’t the first dog optical illusion that’s gone viral.

For a while, people were “dog-bearding,” or using their mutts’ mugs to create a bizarre facial effect.

This photo went viral because the dog looks giant in comparison to the two women.

Really, it was just perfect timing.

Facebook / Deb Palmer

The “Picasso Dog” photo on Reddit is now inspiring people to share photos of their own dogs staring at them sideways.

This dog went viral for having one of the most flexible necks of all.


But despite the explanation, some people still aren’t sold.

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