This Man Creates Breathtaking Art Using Just Crayons

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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Crayons are one of the simplest, yet easiest ways to create art. Whether it’s a little girl at a restaurant coloring while she waits for her food or a college student drawing to avoid their studies, they can both use crayons to create something special.

We all may have different memories of growing up using crayons. I know when I was a kid, I was obsessed with Crayola crayons. Anytime they put out a new color, I just had to have it. I had every mega-pack they sold in stores.

Artists are always thinking of new and innovative ways to create art, like this artist who was able to add an amazing touch of color to an old church. Artist Christian Faur has come up with a very imaginative and painstakingly precise way to create art by using crayons.

He’s able to create these masterpieces without putting a single crayon to a piece of paper.

Faur hand casts all of his crayons before creating these masterpieces. In this photo, there are over 8,000 crayons!

Instagram/Christian Faur

To create his art, Faur precisely stacks the crayons, that he calls “pixels,” in a wooden art frame.

Faur works with his pixels to create a new form of art that he believes “balances the qualities of both photography and sculpture.”

While you can see his works on his Instagram page and his website, you can also visit them at art galleries. This piece was created for the Sherrie Gallerie in Columbus, OH.

According to Faur’s website, he creates “imagery that makes up this new body tends to focus on isolated elements represented as children, barns, water towers, etc. within indeterminate landscapes, which are intended to reference the individual crayon whose solitary existence, like that of the individual element, is rendered obsolete in the amalgamate.”

Using his crayons, Faur has created several different series that tell all sorts of stories, like “Melodies,” “Forgotten Children,” and more.

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