10 Cute Crate&kids Buys That Will Bring Fun Summer Camp Vibes Home

by Angela Andaloro

Have kids who are bummed about missing out on summer camp this year? You’re not alone. So many families have had their plans for the summer turned upside down.

It can be a bummer, but you don’t want to dwell for too long. There are plenty of ways you can bring the summer camp experience home. Crate&kids is here to help. Kids are looking forward to freedom and all the fun activities summer has to offer. Now you can make their experience that much cuter. Admit it — it’s a win when you find kids decor that doesn’t clash with your own. These charming offerings from Crate&kids deliver. Gather the kids around a plush campfire with some real s’mores.

Challenge each other to a bowling match on a rainy day.

A few key purchases can keep your kids’ imaginations running wild all summer long. Consider jump-starting your at-home summer camp with these irresistible, adorable buys you can break out every summer.

Jetaire Camper Playhouse

jetaire camper playhouse

The next best thing to a real road trip is an imaginary one. Kids love a play space that gives them a little privacy to explore their imaginations, and this camper playhouse is just the place. It features embroidered and patchwork details, like the awning and curtains.

Shop Now: Jetaire Camper Playhouse, $199

Plush Campfire Set

plush campfire set

Gathering around the campfire is that much easier when you don’t have to worry about keeping the kiddos safe. They’ll love building their own campfire setup from this 20-piece set.

Shop Now: Plush Campfire Set, $79

Snack Shack BBQ Play Set

snack shack bbq play set

What’s summer without a good barbecue? This 13-piece set of play food has everything you need to fill your imaginary summer menu. The toys could also help get picky eaters more comfortable with these foods, which is always a win. They’re also soft and squishy, made from 100% wool felt.

Shop Now: Snack Shack BBQ Play Set, $19.97

Indoor Bowling Set

indoor bowling set

It’s called an indoor bowling set, but it’s actually great for indoor or outdoor use. It features a bowling ball and 10 pins made from natural rubber, plus a pin setup template. It also comes with a clear backpack for storage, so you can take your set on the go when you’re ready.

Shop Now: Indoor Bowling Set, $79

Toy Camping Set

toy camping set

This seven-piece wool-and-polyester felt set will make your kid feel ready to rough it. The set includes a canteen, a pack of hot dogs, a can of beans, a compass, and a lantern. All the pieces store inside this cute red cooler.

Shop Now: Toy Camping Set, $59

Rainbow Gemstones Sidewalk Chalk

TWEE Rainbow Gemstones Sidewalk Chalk

These gem-themed chunks of sidewalk chalk are nontoxic and biodegradable. No two sets are the same, as each piece of chalk is handcrafted to resemble a diamond or other gem. The bright, beautiful colors will make a masterpiece out of any section of the sidewalk.

Shop Now: Twee Rainbow Gemstones Sidewalk Chalk, $16

Hopscotch Rug

hopscotch rug

For the days when you can’t play hopscotch outside, this rug will fulfill the urge. It includes two beanbags, so kids can come up with other games to play if they get sick of jumping. Spoiler alert: They never get sick of jumping.

Shop Now: Hopscotch Rug, $69

Eco-Friendly Modeling Dough

eco dough

Camp leaves plenty of time for arts and crafts. This eco-friendly modeling clay is safe for the littlest hands. The dough includes organic rosemary essential oil, vitamin E oil, and soy oil to keep the dough soft and pliable during play while providing a light and fresh aroma.

Shop Now: Eco Dough (Set of 6), $15.99

Wooden Lacing Beads

wooden lacing beads

Kids love making bracelets and necklaces during summer camp. For tiny hands, it can be a tough task. This set makes it easier for them to develop those motor skills. Made from natural pinewood and linden wood with a cotton cord, the fun shapes will keep them beading and rebeading all day long.

Shop Now: Wooden Lacing Beads, $29

Janod Llama Pom-Pom Art Kit

Janod Llama Pom Pom Art Kit

This adorable set is perfect for the family that loves llamas. The set comes with three illustrated adhesive boards and 200 peel-and-stick pom-poms, plus a pair of cotton threads and a plastic applicator tool. Let their imaginations run wild with these beautiful llama-themed images.

Shop Now: Janod Llama Pom-Pom Art Kit, $14.99

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