Adorable 2-Year-Old Follows In Her CPR Instructor Dad’s Footsteps By ‘Saving’ A Mannequin’s Life

by Kim Wong-Shing
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The 2-year-old daughter of a CPR instructor has already picked up on her dad’s lifesaving skills, and her efforts are absolutely adorable.

Chris Pietroforte is the owner of Central Valley CPR in California, where he has trained people to perform CPR since 2002. His daughter Saige is now following in his footsteps. In a recent video, Saige is seen expertly pushing down on a mannequin’s chest and then breathing air into its mouth. Chris says it’s just regular practice for the toddler.

“Saige started learning at 14 months and has kept it up ever since,” Chris told reporters.

But her CPR skills stun people every time.

“When Saige performs her skills in front of people, they’re amazed and start to take pictures and videos,” he said.

Chris is proud of his daughter, too. If anyone knows the importance of CPR training, it’s this father and fire lieutenant.

“I think everyone should learn CPR,” Chris said. “It is a great skill to learn and anyone can. If a 2-year-old can learn what’s stopping adults from learning?”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 9 in 10 people who suffer cardiac arrest outside the hospital die. CPR can double or triple a person’s chance at survival. So Saige’s skills are more than just adorable — they’re setting an important precedent for her future.

“I am a proud father of a smart little girl and her willingness to learn and help people,” Chris said. “When asked what she wants to do when she gets older, she says ‘help with big owies.'”

See the adorable footage below.

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